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Computer Memory

External hard drives are not an invention as recent as you would think. Early computers depended on external memory to run other programs or operating systems. The only way to keep all these programs into a single site (and not in dozens of floppys) was an external hard drive. A huge hard drive and impractical. With the passage of time, internal hard disks became the standard for managing the information in a computer. With the rise of USB technology, external hard disks became alternative portable (and more resistant than the delicate internal HDDs) to make backups of the system, run some functions and take what might need a computer to another. Advantages of external hard drives. By its great storage capacity and its portability, external hard drives have become a great ally of the users of portable computers.

They allow you to upload different types of files, and even run some programs (which allows to save computer resources). The external hard disk format also allows to encrypt information and protect it by means of passwords, which adds a level of security to protect your information. Two different computers on a computer. However, one of the great advantages of having a hard drive is to run a different operating system other than the native operating system. Although it is not a standard solution (and can be somewhat unstable), it is possible to run some functions from another operating system on a computer if the BIOS allows system startup from a memory stick. Therefore, it is possible to enable a computer to run different operating systems and expands the possibilities of the computer. An alternative for people on the move.

A hard disk fits perfectly well modern equipment, expands the capacity of a computer, and allows you to transfer information from one side to another. It is a technology which, although it cannot compete with the duration of an internal hard drive, can perfectly compete in versatility and functionality, especially for people who are looking for a way quick to expand and upgrade their computers without major adjustments. External hard drives are excellent solutions for people who need no.2 information and programs to multiple computers.

Demonstrably Text

TextLab checks and optimizes texts on intelligibility of Ulm, April 17, 2011 thirty indicators provide information about lens, how easy or difficult a text is. In addition to assessing the clarity, the user receives also active notes to vulnerabilities and practical suggestions on how he can improve the text. So, companies can write texts quickly, easily and accurately target group. The result: Demonstrably improves the comprehensibility of texts and customers are better addressed. The language analysis software TextLab developed 5 years ago by the H & H communication lab GmbH in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim.

TextLab was continuously expanded and optimized by experience from practice. Now, the latest coup is the Plug-In for Microsoft Word. Companies often underestimate the cost of unintelligible text. Just who is understood, can sell its product”, explains Dr. Anikar Haseloff, Managing Director of H & H can communication lab GmbH.

with the new Word Plug-In TextLab companies your Now analyze texts. And without having to provide records and documents out of the House.” In just a few steps, the Plug-In download is installed and can be used directly in Microsoft Word. Through a simple and intuitive control authors can scientifically examine texts and objectively evaluate with just a few clicks. In addition to the review of the text for various readability formulas, many practical assistance are offered: where are present in the text long nested chain sets? Overly difficult debt and terms of use? Anglicisms are used and there are German synonyms? Where can be dispensed with passive sentences? Unnecessary Word compounds occur in the text? Where will violate the own companies? Oliver Haug, second Managing Director of H & H communication lab GmbH, stressed: the strength of the system is that the measurement criteria and target values can be individually determined for different target groups and text types. For Comprehensibility is not always the same Intelligibility. A medical leaflet has different requirements and is to write a review as a text for an online travel portal differently.” The TextLab Word Plug-In can be adapted to individual requirements also by customers. So it is possible, for example, to integrate their own corporate language (corporate wording) in the software, and to create their own benchmarks or rules.

New Timetabling Software

PTraffic for manipulating timetables Buxtehude. Mostly software with many features and a correspondingly high price is used for the input and processing of schedule data. PTraffic is a simple software for entering and editing of schedules. As the data format the portable table format “used, can be used to create platform-independent browser applications. PTraffic offers mainly functions to the input and management of stations, lines and timetables. The schedule Editor provides convenient features for a simple and fast input of the schedules.

The built-in browser applications contain information about stops and lines as well as timetables and departure plans. PTraffic generates data in the portable table format”on that with the open-source software PublicSQL can be accessed. As a result, individual Web applications can be created. Through the simple and platform-independent data format is to be expected in the future with many add-on products by PTraffic users. On the homepage of PTraffic is its own Section planned. PTraffic is an interesting alternative for companies where other products are too large or expensive. Also for the home keyword personal timetable”- PTraffic can be used.

Especially the way is interesting to create your own JavScript applications for Internet programmers. To PTraffic, the free viewer is available PTraffic show. Ptraffic user can make available their own projects to a wider audience. A professional version of PTraffic with additional facilities is planned for the end of 2011. PTraffic is now available under for 29 euro. A free demo version can be downloaded there as well.

Diskeeper Corporation Europe

Survey shows: up to 25% fewer help desk calls or system crashes due to performance software LONDON, June 20, 2011 – a survey of nearly 400 people from the IT and business involved, showed a significant reduction of computer crashes and fewer calls to help desk company, related IT systems include the Diskeeper performance software. The survey also showed that the automated Diskeeper tools to defragment and disk management are an integral part of this company’s IT facilities. The survey on the three topics of system reliability, system performance as well as improvements and advantages of business processes was carried with IT managers and business development managers. The questions pertained to special problems in terms of reliability, such as, for example, the I/O activity, system crashes, corrupted files, data loss, or requests to the helpdesk. Main results (400 responses from IT and business managers) 18% fewer help desk calls 26% fewer system crashes by the Type “hung” or “frozen” 25% less system crashes 21% less program or system conflicts and errors 25% less shattered brick files and data loss 35% acceptance not required I/O activities 26% of malfunctions during drives this information corresponds to a previous survey, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne last year at 100 IT managers – slow computer, forgotten passwords and system crashes ranked at the highest or before complaining about IT issues. “These problems hindering managers and companies of one form or another every day. Any solution, which contributes to a comprehensive improvement, is of utmost importance.

One of these issues is enough, to justify the integration of a third-party solution. The costs for companies are even though they are a little veiled glance. significantly ” Thomas Doria, new business development manager for Diskeeper Corporation Europe. Some of those interviewed expressed their Experiences with Diskeeper as follows: “By the drastic reduction of hard disk failures and I/O times we couldn’t longer our servers in operation, without that it came to performance degradation.” “Reliability and increased performance are the main advantages and reasons why we decided for Diskeeper.” “Faster backup: the backup times decreased hours, as well as the time required for the restore of a file.” About Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner innovator in performance and reliability technologies : CIOs, IT managers and system administrators from global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 companies rely on Diskeeper performance software, to achieve unprecedented performance and reliability for their business laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper 2011 has the pioneering IntelliWrite technology to avoid fragmentation. V-locity 2.0, the solution to the optimization of virtual platforms for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, gives efficiency barriers out of the way and ensures maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. The Diskeeper Corporation provides data protection in real time and data recovery in real time with the undelete software data recovery (). The InvisiTasking technology makes it possible, that would be completely invisible all processes run in the background and exploits the potential of resources, which remains otherwise unused (