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Kill The Hunger

In the cradle of hunger hunger kill my child was. With blood of onion you nursing. Miguel Hernandez. You can alleviate the hunger in the countries of third world currently are fashionable voices tinged Malthusian which puts in doubt the survival of planet Earth by lack of food, and that this is going to perish in short space of time by lack thereof, due to an excess of world population. However, hear fewer voices that denounce the agrarian policy of the countries richest which penalizes certain food productions, others controlled by monopolies, and finally prevent poor countries having access to modern production techniques. The European Union itself is covered with glory to encourage the set-aside of land and subsidize its cultivation or support with strong quantities per hectare to those lands which leave from being agricultural; the boot of vineyards, raw material without thinking that with the grape juice you can feed a lot of people; also fosters citrus startup, without thinking it contain a lot of vitamins; also their destruction is short so that the price is not reduced below a certain level.

By what refers to cereals, dried fruits, rapeseed, maize, sunflower, etc., you are encouraged its cultivation being the EU deficit in such products, but not has been designed to encourage the production of olive oil in the producer countries, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. Really, where the absurdities of the European policies are most noticeable is in the subject of milk, because it is giving priority to the sacrifice of cows producing and preventing that surpluses are transformed into dust and distributed where most lack do. Here is the current dilemma: a part we are told that there is hunger in poor countries and another foster policies that tend to produce less food. It seems as if the richest countries were committed to ending poverty, ending with the poor. Experts believe that even if the soils are not good quality can alleviate hunger in third world countries using means of modern crops and improved seeds, along with the promotion of new lands for irrigation and a range of subsidiaries techniques. With rare exceptions the production per hectare has grown enormously in the past twenty years on the planet.

Thus, countries such as Korea, Cameroon; Mali and Egypt, according to reliable data from FAO, possessing large amount of little fertile land, have achieved significant rates of increase in cereal production. It is estimated that the use of high technology in third world countries would allow an increase of crops which, in general terms, can reach a fifty percent on the previous productions. However, should add another important factor, as it is the conservation of foods, and which have a not-too-distant case, as in Russia, where a high percentage of cereal production was lost for lack of a good network of storage silos. All this needs to push Governments to introduce cultivation techniques appropriate, create specialized infrastructure and invest in research and technology. Only effective policies United to the latest technologies and a good network marketing can be released to the land of one of the worst scourges: hunger. And is that, as the poet said: hunger is the first knowledge: / hungry is the first thing you learn. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

The Principle

Thus, desire to know, How I can intervine to reduce thoughts with patriarcais conceptions that tend to hinder the establishment of an independent relation? How I can modify practical adultocntricas that minimize the desires of the other, as well as its to know? That changes I can consider for a pertaining to school resume soon and blindly followed, in order to include spaces for a sensible listening you say to them of the citizens, and that it allows to express its history and to be recognized as protagonists? I only think about this article as the tip of iceberg, therefore very it has to study itself on this subject, and it will not have to become, and then to move. This is only the principle of what we can make and feel for the other. From the moment that we decide to be Managers of the Care, we considered in them to change our position, our skill of being and seeing. We start to believe the importance that the other has for us. To establish an independent relation is only a small step for a great transformation in our skill of being and being. (WITH) LIVING AND LEARNING In the introduction, I placed that it would need to understand the resistance of the professors in dealing with the concept autonomy, as well as p it in practical. Are armed actors of reasons and I need to understand them thus to promote changes. My first questioning was to want to know as to intervine to reduce thoughts with patriarcais conceptions that tend to hinder the establishment of an independent relation. To start, Maturana (1993) traces the profile of the patriarcal culture, wants to say, of our culture, considered civilized. In our patriarcal culture, we live in the diffidence and we search certainty in the control of the natural world, the other human beings and we ourselves.

Slag and Cement

Typically, individual surface finely slag is 2500 – 3500 cm / city Fine ground slag, added to the cement, significantly affect the structure formation of cement stone. Microsilica is a waste product of silicon alloys of ferrosilicon, crystalline silicon, etc. In the process of melting the charge and recovery of quartz at temperatures above 1800oS gaseous silicon is formed, which when cooled and exposed to air oxidizes to SiO2 and condenses in the form of ultrafine particles of silica. SiO2 content in the silica fume is 85-98%. From other active mineral additives microsilica has a very small size particles (0.1-0.5 microns) and high specific surface (18-25 m / g). Located in the concrete in the pores of cement, microsilica improves the density and thus strength, impermeability and durability of concrete.

To seal the concrete require fewer mineral supplements (mixture porosity 'cement – aggregate' is relatively small) than when diluted in a wide range of cement, so the usual flow of microsilica in concrete is 5-15% of weight of cement, which is lower than other mineral supplements. In addition, in this case the interaction in concrete, Ca (OH) 2 and SiO2 is relatively limited, and it persists for a long time needed to per boards reinforcement alkaline corrosion. In the dry form because of the dispersion of ultra-high bulk density silica fume is only 0.15-0.2 t / m , making it difficult to transport. In the production of concrete is usually used pre- granular or briquetted microsilica, which greatly facilitates its transport and use. Organo-mineral supplements are combining into a single system of organic and mineral components having a specific modifying effect. Studies have shown that fine mineral supplements improve the efficiency of the plasticizers and, conversely, the latter contribute to positive action E mineral fillers on the structure of the concrete mix and concrete. NIIZhB suggested that organo-mineral complex modifier of the structure and properties of concrete MB-01 polyfunctional including superplasticizer C-3 (6-12% of weight) and microsilica and represents a powdered product bulk density of 750-800 kg / m with grain size up to 100 microns.

As a regulator of hardening (PT), injected into it organophosphorus complex. In applying this additive increases the keeping consistency of concrete mix, it is possible to obtain concrete with a strength above 100 MPa, low permeability and high durability. On the same principle established organo-mineral MB-C modifier. It includes a superplasticizer C-3, microsilica and fly ash-ash, in which 30-50% of silica fume replaced with a more affordable ash, ash, without noticeable loss performance additives. In general, organo-mineral Supplements are available in powder-shaped form, which facilitates their introduction into the concrete mix during its preparation. When designing the application in concrete additives necessary to carry out technical and economic calculations for predict the expected effect. It should be borne in mind that the use of additives in concrete technology, requires additional costs for a warehouse addition, highways, site preparation additives to additional congestion on the concrete mixing shops and factories. Some additives are relatively expensive and more scarce. It is therefore necessary to use additives in the first place where they use gives the greatest technical and economic effect. C the current situation and outlook for the Russian market additives for concrete, cement, CAS can be found in the records of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets "The market for supplements concrete, cement and dry mortar in Russia. "

Press Ctrl

Each inode is identified by an integer, unique within the system files and directories contained a list of pairs consisting of a number of inode and name identification that allows access to that file, every file has one inode, but may have more than one name in different or even in the same directory to facilitate location. “In our case, our file inode is 512 495, this is the ID of our file on the system. When you delete a file with the rm command, what we do is delete the reference to the inode in question, for a time that inode will continue to exist in our system but we can not see and it appears that the deleted file has disappeared from our system. If any program is accessing the file that we deleted, are lucky. The program in question will have a reference to the inode of the deleted file and provided they do not close this program we can retrieve the contents of this file.

(A practical case that many of us ever happened to the log file to delete any system service (apache, postgresql, mysql. etc) while the service is working) Here is a full session since we delete a file until you recover: We open our file example with less (for example) less fichero_pruebas.txt THIS IS A TEST FILE TEXT fichero_pruebas.txt (END) Press Ctrl + z to suspend the less program without stopping it (the program remain open, accessing our database, but suspended) less fichero_pruebas.txt 1 + Stopped less fichero_pruebas.txt We found that our file is intact: ls-li fichero_pruebas.txt 512 495-rw-r – r – 1 root root 39 02/04/2008 22:28 fichero_pruebas.txt We erase … 😉 accidentally rm test.txt ficheros_de We found that not exist in our directory ls ls-li fichero_pruebas.txt: fichero_pruebas.txt: No such file or directory As discussed above, if we have a program accessing the file we’re lucky. Use lsof to see if any program is accessing the file that we deleted: lsof grep user fichero_pruebas.txt less 4r REG 28 410 3.1 39 512 495 / home / user / fichero_pruebas.txt (deleted) should not be a surprise that our less this program accessing our file deletion. The columns we are interested in this line are the first (PID of the program accessing the file, 28 410), and the fourth, the ‘file descriptor’ (4r) with reference to our file inode (512 495). With this information we go to the virtual filesystem / proc information on our linux system.

ls-l / proc/28410/fd/4 lr-x —— 1 user user 64 02/04/2008 22:38 / proc/28410/fd/4 – / home / user / fichero_pruebas.txt ( deleted) As expected, a reference to the deleted file. All you have to do now is copy the data to which / proc/28410/fd/4 this reference. For this we can easily use cp cp / proc/28410/fd/4 fichero_pruebas.txt.restaurado Now no matter what our program has finished running less because our already deleted file recovered. cat fichero_pruebas.txt.restaurado THIS IS A TEST FILE TEXT This article must have a little luck to keep our database, but in future articles we will see other techniques to use when luck is not on our side. That’s it for today, enjoy it.

Pablo Freire

Moreover, I recognize the imperious necessity of if reviewing the concepts that if have on the Mathematics, that is so important in the life of the man. As well as of the methods and techniques used in its education. Regarding this if it places Pablo Freire (1998, P. 26-29): I do not fear to say that reality in education inexists where a learning does not result where the apprentice if did not become capable to recriar or to remake the taught one. … in the conditions of true learnings the educandos ones go if transforming into real citizens of construction and of the reconstruction of knowing taught …. It is thus perceived, that it is part of the teaching task not only to teach contents, but also to teach to think certain.

The biggest importance of this study is the contribution that will give for all the professionals in general, that they work in the education of the Mathematics, therefore promotes a study dialtico enters the main points of the theories partner-interacionistas correlated to the educational ideas on the paper of the school and the importance of the use of the technology in classroom offering to them chances to reflect on its paper as mediator in the process of teach-learning in this area, inside of ours world contemporary. 2 METHODOLOGY The methodology of used research was of qualitative matrix, translating and expressing the direction of the phenomena found throughout the work. This type of research has inductive approach and one descriptive character of the studied given phenomena and/or where it has an interactive and direct contact of the researcher with the study object. As procedure of collection of data a bibliographical research was carried through sidewalk in books, magazines and too much publications of studious pedagogos and that if had dedicated the research educational and had launched important theories on the Mathematical Education.

Managing Barcode

It's important to remember for yourself what the product code (part number, a unique identifier) and a barcode – a completely different concept, and, in general, no relation to each other have not. Understanding this difference is easy to explain why one item (item) can have several different bar codes – any additional information that the provider sees fit to provide (color, batch number, weight, price, etc.), it encodes using the black and white stripes and puts the goods and / or packaging. How, then, when reading the scanner, the user system understands that a number of different bar codes mean the same heading? This should take care who fills the system database. Usually, it is hard to do. For example, this could look like card product for the Nokia 3720 in the program 1C: Managing commercial enterprise (on the left bar codes – how they look on the box and labels to the right – product information to the operator's screen): The image makes it clear that Nokia phones 3720, with which the organization is concerned: there is a part number 6438158055094, designated by the manufacturer to identify all the phones of this model, individual instances of different color and a unique number IMEI.

This fact denote the two sets of numbers: the code assigned 2000090001398 gray phone with IMEI 355441034567385, 2000090001404 assigned code yellow with IMEI 355241034545385. To the knowledge of the peculiarities of the goods have been available outside of the computer and database, these sets of numbers printed directly on a product (or packaging). And print it as a barcode, so you can all read it fast scanner. As a result, for one specific phone have a barcode indicating the model, and barcode with his characteristics – EMEI and color. To complete the picture, you can add a third bar code with information about the package (container) and the fourth – with transport marks.

Weight Loss Nutrisystem

The NutriSystem program can offer you adequate nutrition, enabling you to lose weight without sacrificing some valuable nutrients that your body needs. Lots of foods used the same program, fixed them so you don’t have to worry about for what to eat. In addition, since meals are sent directly to your home, the program receives a high score in the category of convenience. There is no need to visit a center of NutriSystem, although you can call a support counselor. Membership is free and includes unlimited advice, newsletters, online classes, a daily weight control computerized chat rooms and online.

To enroll in the program, you will receive an analysis of courtesy. With the NutriSystem program, 55 percent of their calories from low glycemic index carbohydrates, 25 per cent of the protein, and 20 percent of the fat you eat. The plan is low in sodium and gets less than five percent of their calories from trans fats and saturated. The meats tend to be simple and low fat content, while whole-grain foods are also abundant in your meal plan. Under the direction of NutriSystem, you are going to eat more than four cups of fruits and vegetables a day, the amount recommended by federal health officials.

Another advantage of the NutriSystem program is that it allows you to plan meals in advance. In general, it begins with a lapse of four weeks of products, allowing you to have enough food and snacks for a total of 28 days. If desired, however, you can order up to a value of ten weeks of food. The main advantages of the NutriSystem plan include the fact that it is very easy to use, since you will have food delivered directly to your door. The menus also tend to be rich in nutrients, so meals are a healthy option. At the same time we must know that this program also has some disadvantages, such as that you will not learn to make healthy food purchases, or nor to prepare their own meals, since elections are made by NutriSystem. In addition, it is possible that you do not like NutriSystem meals. Another factor, is that the program may cost you hundreds of dollars, an investment that you may not be willing to do. On the other hand, some health experts say that it is much better to work with a registered dietitian. Now finally I would recommend you to see a free video that will show you how you can lose weight while you eat. Without extreme diets, pills, or strenuous exercises. Click here so you can see the video of this innovative program that you can implement immediately.


Suitable to the situation the location of the sound processor on the head is balanced perfectly. An effective noise cancellation, an effective feedback management, as well as a reduction in wind noise allow listening and understanding even in the most challenging acoustic environment. The datalogging function ensures optimal success in the fine tuning. Innovative wireless accessories to connect to technical devices and loud conversation situations the new Baha sound processor is trend-setting also by its unique capabilities to the wireless connection with various wireless devices. The cochlear 2.4 GHz technology allows a direct connection to the wireless signal without receiver units registered to the neck.

Patients therefore are not restricted in their freedom of movement and can wireless transmission units, such as the mini microphone, the TV streamer, the Phone clip, or even a remote control to use for the sound processor. “All this of course with excellent sound quality, lip-sync and free from interference” Frederec Lau stressed. The user can move freely; everything is very comfortable and at the same time very discreet.” Gentler cosmetically appealing, early and effective connections operate standards puts the cochlear Baha 4 last but not least with the corresponding cochlear Baha BI300 system implant, as well as with the DermLock snap coupling (BA400). The implant has a unique textured surface. It provides an early and very stable connection with the skull. And as the only bone-anchored links the DermLock snap coupling connects hydroxyapatit-coated surface is excellently with the soft tissue. Thanks to its unique DermLock technology and its improved form integrates the abutment in soft tissue and stabilized so their environment.

This allows a fast healing, as well as a timely adaptation from two Weeks after implantation. The operation is less invasive, thanks to these components, and she can expect at the same time better cosmetic results. Through intensive research and development work, as well as through a variety of innovative approaches we succeeded, the Baha 4 new technological standards for bone anchored hearing system with system”, so Frederec Lau concluded.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield

“Websites should be optimised first for mobile devices successfully on the Web – Web pages should be optimized for mobile devices first Googles Ex-CEO Eric Schmidt said once on the mobile wireless fair in Barcelona: the Google developers work in terms of Web development first on the mobile version, since good websites are the better apps and that’s what good programmers want to develop.” “Therefore, you should consider following in terms of Web page design: mobile first”. When developing a Web page one is well advised, first the mobile version (for devices such as Smartphones or Tablet PCs), then the desktop version (for PCs and laptops from a display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels upwards) to conceive. Also the large industry such as Apple or Facebook are of this opinion. “So agree Kate Aronowitz (Facebook brand Director) and Kevin Lynch (Apple Vice President of technology) to agree that it looking in the future always mobile first” must consider to lose not the connection. Opinions alone justified of course hardly the effort of developing a responsive Web page environment. Rather, there are the facts which speak for this strategy. In the year 2014, more users with a mobile device in the Internet are surfing as a user with a standard”desktop PC.

The exact figures and statistics explored Mary Meeker and Matt Murphy of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in her already in August 2011-published report on the subject of top mobile Internet trends”. They include the sales figures from Apple calculated herein iPads and Android powered Smartphones. Today, we know that Apple has sold all over the world about 63.8 million iPads until the summer of 2012. Who still has difficulty in the face of these numbers, to recognize the trend of the development of future user interfaces, which will have serious problems to maintain its position in the market or to pursue in the future.