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Administrative Assistant

The Board is going to spend 3 billion to increase the population of Castilla y Leon. The milk! Thus, seen above, 118 measures seem rather the agenda of some oppositions to Administrative Assistant to a catalogue of economic and social incentives. I doubt that with them come nobody what you look for is a job and obtain better conditions of life. Posts to submit imaginative and bold, proposals would be more practical to register in Salamanca to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: surely they would do it by half of the budget provided by the Board and, instead, there would be queues of people who would come out to see them. It is only an idea clear.

And is that what another 118 measures of yore, are pure voluntarism. Here only the old remain because young people have no job prospects, since there is neither enterprises, which is what generates employment, nor likely to create them. And if the old ones are not is because they don’t have money to be in Benidorm, this gigantic geriatric outdoors, with good temperature, beach, cheap prices, activities for the elderly and a health center in every corner. Here, I insist, we are left without young people because as soon as completed the move, bottle, intermixed festivities and other extracurricular sprees are going to look for work elsewhere. That, in the best of cases, since increasingly fewer students come to our classrooms because of nefarious policy of University dispersion. You need our community, such as all, is specialize in something that makes you unique, attractive and impossible to exchange with any other. Always take the example of the United States, where each location looking for something different with which to earn a living: Electronics in Seattle, the game in Las Vegas, the automobile in Detroit or retirees in Miami. Here we have not chosen any path. Here we amalgamate conventional ideas and rhetoric, without any specific target. And what is worse: we believe that we are going to have to do this 3 billion when in fact we don’t have a single penny!

Roxana Gutierrez

In every manifestation their songs reveal a repudiation the Mayor Enrique Garcia, reject the police repression, report by speakerphone the latest neighbors that look out of the Windows of the buildings in the Maipu Avenue, with their pots and applause, supporting the cause. The last of them, the actress and neighbor of the party, Cecilia Dopazo reported having received threats from the Mayor for having questioned the project in a television program. They sent me a letter document to my house, saying to submit me to reveer my sayings. I replied and never received an answer, said Dopazo to five thousand people against the municipality of Vicente Lopez. The March ended with a pinata that I had drawn the face of Mayor, stuffed with leaflets against the coastal road, Hung opposite the Government building. In turn, not missed your constant claims against police action since on several occasions, they were beaten, jailed and repressed. In the first bicleteadas to the River, the neighbors were delayed by several hours. In the absence of means of communication, the victims reported what happened through social networks from their mobile phones, which could also get images about what was happening at that time.

Mayor Enrique Garcia, until today, never admitted to what happened that day. During the Sunday meeting, discussed the realization of posters in San Martin and the River, the new coastal development that will take place next weekend. In addition, there will be reiki, meditation and yoga for all those who attend the event. In the course of the week will be different activities, in which the Assembly sets to continue this process and what will be the actions to follow. Between mates and cookies, the relationship between Assembly members increasingly is stronger and several friends have already, the cause has United them to defend the green spaces of your municipality. I want that my grandchildren play in the Paseo de la Costa, as my children did excited Roxana Gutierrez, neighbor of the party said.

The Car

Such accidents often cause great damage to your vehicle. Although you can not avoid all situations where there is a possibility of accident, it is something useful that you are informed about them. How to file a claim to the insurance company? Here we show the steps to submit a claim to the insurer of automobiles. 1. Decides if it is worth the effort.

Before you call the insurance company, it is necessary to find out if you need to or not to make a claim. If you have a small scratch on your truck and another vehicle is undamaged, you can be better. Even if you only call your insurer to find out how to submit a claim, there is a good chance that is generated a record long term that may affect your car insurance. If you can pay the damage without having to go to the insurance company, you would be better. 2 Gather the necessary documentation. Without a doubt, there is some information that will be required to submit your claim. You need data on the accident itself, any witness who has seen the facts, a copy of the police report or information about how it is that your insurance company may obtain a copy of the said document.

3. Quick archive. When you go to file a complaint, this is It will make quickly. 4. Prepare to listen to another insurer. If there is any dispute, by smaller that is, or disagreement between the parties, you will be contacted by the insurer of the other person. You may be asked to tell his version of the story. The conversation can be recorded and documented. If you call, write down the name of the person with whom you spoke and the call. 5. The repaired car. Once your claim has been approved by the insurance company, probably the car is taken to repair. The insurance adjuster will miss a look at damage or may request that you take it to a repair shop fix it.


Home as one of the points most important in people’s lives requires that its outline and each and every one of its spaces offers the best conditions to make something very nice instance; Therefore it is common to certain special feature showing him give to home more welcoming, as it is the presence of chimneys in various houses, with what is achieved both an environment more elegant to have such an excellent sample of good taste, as well as through chimneys an environment can create much more pleasant through its structure with the presence of fire in a controlled manner, since it gives fitted to an atmosphere very cozy and conducive for certain special situations. As chimneys can be understood perfectly are samples of aesthetics and design of households, thanks to its characteristics and possibilities; without however Besides this chimneys are aimed at other buildings for other purposes, such as the evacuation of smoke from certain points in which is concentrated or hot gases that must be evacuated are generated to the building exteriors and there is where come fireplaces as a means to put the smoke in the atmosphere and out of a particular place. Placement of different fireplaces usually shown fully vertically this with the idea that the hot gases and smoke can be totally evacuated without any problems, however also exist another type of fireplaces that are put in a different way, i.e. they are not completely vertical, these types of fireplaces are employing in different activities such as mealsIt is therefore located in kitchens or in some quarters of boilers where seeks to evacuate smoke through different holes. Fireplaces that are not completely vertical type present certain special characteristics, therefore have meshes to avoid various animals nesting in its interior, the inclination of these must be different from or? to facilitate the Hunnic and hot gases output function. As you can see the chimneys with features that offer may occur in many places not only in parts where carried out certain activities that present emissions, households or hot gas also you can see chimneys in some mobile structures such as locomotives or trains as well as various ships. Therefore to speak of chimneys disclaims the term to the harmonious constructions typical of a home, since it opens fitted to industrial activities and transport; In addition it is also common to speak of the fireplaces when there are certain natural formations that meet the same functions to possess a similar form of conformation of soil or rock by which issued are gases or smoke as the geysers or volcanoes, which through a duct issued magma or vapor to the outside of the surface.