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YouTube New

The new Apple TV comes with a complete redesign to all Spain and any Alicante Apple store. Apple has managed to minimize its size and turn it into an amazing and totally portable device to connect it to our Television without that we barely notice its presence. Not only it will allow us to play our videos in streaming, photos and music from your computer to your TV, but that their chances have multiplied with the arrival to the iTunes Store Spanish in the sale and rental of films, as we explain in this blog, going to revitalize multimedia use of Apple TV. It has three strong points:-high definition up to 720 p video playback. -Reproduction of contents of the computer to the TV via streaming (wireless network Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Ethernet cable or satellite)-portability to take it wherever you want. To start using it will only have to connect by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to our local network of home, this will be carried out without hardly any user intervention. Using a cable Connect HDMI to TV, since we will configure it from there to play all our multimedia content from your iTunes library, including videos in high definition up to 720 p.

Among the possibilities that the new Apple TV gives us includes which can reproduce the contents of our accounts in YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, all our music, iTunes podcasts and Internet radio stations content on television. All this with an interface and a few menus clear and simple so that the user only worry to find the content that want you in each moment. Although the first thing that surprises us is the small size of the new Apple TV, given its small dimensions (2, 29 9, 91 9, 91 cm) and only 0, 27 Kg of weight, inside hides the powerful mobile devices A4 processor.

PCs Experience

Joypad ZE-540S are part of the second generation of Joystick for the PC world created by Zone Evil. After the success achieved with his predecessors, new peripherals promise to follow the same path thanks to its remodelled exterior. Explore everything that you can do with your ZE-540S Joypad. You can use it in recent games and its characteristics make it ideal for arcade type games, fighting, sports and action that requires high precision and very fast movements. If you’re a keen Gamer you will not be never jealous of game consoles, since you can have the same experience on your PC that you’ll get the same performance you will have in an ergonomically designed for console control. Also has Turbo button with the you’ll have an extra in the fighting and action games. It has two controls of cane with function (single-level movement in various positions) Digital and analogue (several levels of response in motion) that is best suited to different types of games on the market. You will always know which function is enabled thanks to its LED indicator of position.

It also has the Dual Evil Shock function in games that will allow you to use the vibration function to experience more intense and realistic game sessions. You can have much or little skill to play, but surely thanks to its excellent design will get a better gaming performance. It is now within the reach of any live the ultimate experience with the new Zone Evil Joypad. We are delighted and it is an honor for us, launching the second generation of Joypads. In Zone Evil are insurance that consumers love to live the ultimate experience of control with each one of the games of the market for PCs. declares Maria Jesus, Director de Marketing de Zone Evil. The new model has been designed with great detail and excellence in manufacturing that is known the Home Zone Evil. They are also equipped with amazing features that will allow fans of Gaming maximum performance in the games.

Specifications: Ergonomic shape. Function of double Dual Vibration Shock Evil. Function of TURBO. Function CLEAR (ground zero and cleaning) controls analog and digital with analog buttons. 10 buttons ergonomically distributed. 8 fire FIRE buttons. USB interface. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/7. Multiprogramable with Xpadder or JoyToKey. Personalized support. If you need additional graphic material you can download materials: about Zone Evil Zone Evil, we manufacture to play. Enjoy, have fun, listen to the sound, play, share, defeated his enemies, save the Princess, communicate, accuracy, that the goal of his life, imagine, dream. Welcome to Zone Evil, welcome to the paradise of the game. We design and produce the headphones, microphones, mice, keyboards, speakers and many other peripherals and insist on the development of innovative and unique products to meet the needs of customers. With abundant experience and technical knowledge, our team of I + D always aggressive applies new technology to relevant projects, such as headphones, wireless keyboards, mice of game and more special devices. Our perspective is to be the main leader in the future of peripheral industry, you need a peripheral environment simple, intelligent and entertaining for the new era of computing. zone Evil is registered in the ICEX.

Compex Wireless

COMPEX Wireless single electronic muscle stimulator of industry impulses at the pro level, thanks for using technology without cables. For those who already use electrical stimulation, this predisposes the removal of the last obstacle giving way to ease of use and constanteregular. COMPEX wireless, there are no limits to their use. COMPEX Wireless is a product without equal and our response to the growing search for those people who wish to benefit from electrical stimulation but with greater ease, and with fewer barriers, says Matteo Morbatti, Compex International Product Manager. It offers users a freedom of full motion and unparalleled comfort, which translates automatically into a more regular use and better results. Compex Wireless, the greater use in electrical stimulation at the level facilidadde Professional. Compex Wireless is quite simple to place, is not essential to the use of cables. In this way, the appliance offers greater convenience and ease of movement maximum.

In addition, fifty Compex WIreless programs have been created in order to combine volunteer work and electrical stimulation. These programs can be used independently or integrated into an objective to reach a certain goal. Compex Wireless offers a LCD display in high quality colour that integrates an interface easy where all information in relation to the objectives are taught. Also, you can consult directly the positioning of the electrodes, resulting in unnecessary consultation of any guide. The electrostimulator is sized more limited, but the device has the same power and capacity than the rest of Compex devices.

Unique and contemporary faithful design charger the Stimulator and the modules made of a product in the excellent complement of all living rooms. In conclusion, Compex Wireless can used without risk of interference with other devices. The only technology intelligent muscle designed by Compex and very had in mind by users, is now present in each of the four modules. The function my-SCAN automatically adjusts the Stimulator setting to the particularities of each muscle and allows custom measurement of muscle physiology. Compex Wireless allows the download of the network’s objectives. Through an aplicacionplataforma in which the objectives based on the needs of each user can be selected.