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Wireless Cameras

The safety of your family is the most important, and due to the great crime that exists in our country must be prepared. If your home located in a conflict zone, this has a lot more sense. If you are thinking about buying a security team to protect your home can be interested in systems such as alarms for your home if you want to protect your business can use a system of cameras and even a security guard. No system can be complete if you do not have security cameras, there are now a variety of wireless cameras, and many places where to buy. There are also combos that include cameras wireline and wireless thus reducing its cost.

These wireless cameras have as an advantage its easy installation and can be relocated to where it is required without having to rewire as happens with traditional cameras. You should always take into account the quality of video camera that we are going to acquire. We must look for mid to high quality. As it can be to the area that we want to monitor this away. If you have a camera with high resolution can clearly see the faces of the sopechos, which is essential if we want to catch these criminals. Also important to the angle that the camera has there are cameras that can capture wide margins of vision. Other factors to take into account is the resistance to the weather and weather. Many wireless cameras are vulnerable and have problems in high temperatures or humidity since some of the components of the cordless camera are of different qualities.

Some wireless camera systems include recorders digital, that allows to record evidence and useful scripts for example in a trial, they can be stored and reproduced on the computer. With these basics, can be a good decision to buy a security system that uses wireless cameras. If you need more information do not hesitate to visit our website where you will find analysis products for the safety of his home as the cameras ip and other products.


A time that the conflict if decides, the remorse can not be evident. 7. Conscience of magoar the others. A empatia lack in general takes not-intentional the offensive or insensitive behaviors. 8.

To console the others. As they lack of intuition on the other people’s feelings, people with SA have little understanding on as to console somebody or to make them if to feel better. 9. To recognize boredom signals. The incapacity to understand the interests other people’s can take Aspergers to be incompressible or negligent. In the hand inverse, people with SA generally do not perceive when the interlocutor is entediado or disinterested. 10. Introspection and autoconscincia.

Individuals with SA have difficulty to understand its proper feelings or its impact in the other people’s feelings. 11. Clothes and personal hygiene. People with SA less tend to be affected by the pressure of the fellow creatures of what others. As results generally make everything in the way that find more comfortable, without if mattering with the other people’s opinion. That is valid mainly in relation to the form of if dressing and the cares with the proper appearance. 12. Love and reciprocal rancor. As Aspergers they react more pragmatically of what emotionally, its expressions of affection and rancor are in general short and weak. 13. Understanding in embarrassment and step in false. Although the fact of people with SA to have intellectual understanding of constaint and gafes, is incapable to apply these concepts in the emotional level. 14. To deal with critical. People with SA feel themselves forcibly compelled to correct errors, exactly when they are committed by people in authority position, as a professor or a head. Therefore, they can seem imprudently offensive. 15. Speed and quality of the processing of the social relations. As they answer to the social interactions with the reason and not intuition, SA carriers tend to much more slowly process information of relationships of what the normal one, taking the desproporcionais and bothering pauses or delays.

Pablo Nocheln

It answered to him. – For me it is a very hypocritical picture -. – Hypocrite? -. The girl was surprised much. Pablo watched with firmness the creation. Soon he walked until a near table, one sat down in her and it remained thinking.

Candle, on the other hand, sat down in the unique chair that had there. I hope to that Pablo left that one lethargy, of that one reflection. He watched after the window the light in the morning. – Hypocrisy is the fingimiento of opposite feelings to which truly they are experienced -. It began his words soon and it watched. – One assumes that one is a painting that represents the love, the pair and the union.

But in fact, like creator, I do not give to credit to which I see, fodder that is a farce -. – Then, he excuses my directness, but the hypocrite you here are and not it painting -. He said Candle to him. He watched it to Pablo. Perhaps he felt that the small one was an insolent person, but was saying the truth. It remained in silence. – I know Since I have wanted to know it to envelope you, to know why as much sadness, as much suffering, and as much resentment. Why he has decided hide-and-seek of the life in the middle of four walls. I have read on Pablo Nocheln in those old woman newspapers and all acclaim like a person humanist to him, who is able to shape in landscapes representations of the love like this one painting which I have opposite. It knows? I have wondered myself where he is that one man, because I have not seen it in the Nocheln house. Unique that I have seen is a bitter being, the able thing to bother itself enormously because I painted the facade of its house, fixed the garden and I cleared the dust to old woman pictures.


Page: 49-50. Paragraph: 4. Ribeiro it searchs to strengthen its opinion in Lovisolo, for who ' ' History became a science that it searchs to find or to rescue the nationality or history of one determined povo' '. Page: 50. Paragraph: 1. The historians had started to study the reconstruction of the national past thus constructing, to the collective memory. Ribeiro cites Pollak, when it says that ' ' The reference to the past serves to keep the harmony of the groups and the institutions that compose one sociedade' '. Page: 50-51.

Paragraph: 2. The world occidental person attended a widening of the collective memory in the end of century XVIII and the preservation of the national memory and its constant revival mark of the governments became. Page: 51. Paragraph: 1. The preservation of the national memory restricted the national conscience. Ribeiro, from there, makes reference the Le Golff ' ' The esquecimentos and silence of History are revealing of these mechanisms of manipulation of the memory coletiva' '.

Page: 51. Paragraph: 2. For Ribeiro, century XIX invented erudio methods, allowing the scientific development of history, based on critical the documentary one. Page: 52. Paragraph: 1. The classic point of view of history if bases on the tradition, valuing the individual and collective experiences, having a critical character to establish lies from removed examples of the past, being possessed an ethical and moral value. Page: 52. Paragraph: 2. For the iluministas the errors of the past were decurrent of a disarticulated and inefficacious reason. Page: 52-53. Paragraph: 3. The iluministas standards if based on the Newtonian conclusions concerning the scientific knowledge of the nature. Ribeiro is used of a text of Wehling to affirm that the central problem of the iluminismo was not to know to conciliate the phenomena that if followed and if they became quickly dominant. Page: 53.

Rousseau Social

The advent of the sociability inspires the desire, the delight of reciprocal approval, that is, of vanity. The necessities of the spirit (not of the body) are the beddings of the society, that is, the necessities establish the society and the reciprocal approval constitutes the delight of the society in such way that the social delight is become into social necessity. The sociability does not support without the vanity or all the social mechanisms motivadores of vanity: arts and sciences. As much one as another one, Rousseau admits, brings the sensation of well-being, of comfort, however, when the man is reached by these sensations (produced for the advent of sciences and the arts), it starts to love them, it is gotten passionate for this comfort and one becomes enslaved of them rejecting the freedom feeling, saying in another way: the benefits of the arts and sciences result in a curse to the man in the measure where it becomes enslaved of the social life starts to desire and to love this slavery. Concerning this Rousseau in the first speech, if thus express: ‘ ‘ while the government and the laws take care of to the security and the good? to be of the men, congregated, sciences, the letters and the arts, less absolute in power and perhaps more powerful, extend guirlandas of flowers on the iron chairs of that they are loaded, drown the feeling to it of this original freedom for which they seemed to have been born, they make with that they love its slavery and they thus form what policiados’ is called peoples; ‘ (ROSSEAU, 1988, p.p. 138, 139). Rousseau, as we saw mentions to sciences and the arts however we go to restrict our study to sciences. The critical reading that Rousseau elaborates on sciences if of not in such a way for the aspect strict epistemolgico and yes for the fact of it to be a social instrument that forms ‘ ‘ peoples policiados’ ‘ , being that this formation implies at the same time in the deformation of the man extracting to it freedom.


So that a text is considered objective, it must clearly be and concise, beyond presenting a neutral point of view. Neutrality the myth of the scientific neutrality it bases if in the estimated one that the objetividade of science is enough to suspend the subjectivity of the scientists, ledo deceit since the choice of what it goes to study or to search the scientist makes choices that are influenced by N aspects of personal matrix: interests politicians, social, economic, In the generality science has been the science of a classroom, for not being neutral as it proclaims to be. According to studious Mauro Kwitko the neutrality is a special, interior state, at the same time, that it inside leads in them to the holy ghost of us, it is the proper The holy ghost inside of us. The Neutrality is a state in which we do not act more under the control of our Ego, where we are libertos of this aspect of our individuality, that, in the truth, is our proper individuality. In a similar way where this individuality is the responsible one for our survival in this Land, for our preservation while to be alive, it is a obstaculizante factor to the access that the holy ghost intends to have on us. Explaining better: the Neutrality is a state where we obtain to domesticate our Ego, where we do not think more through it, and yes, through ours Superior I. The thought is very different that comes of our Ego of the thought that comes of ours Superior I. While our Ego thinks about ' ' eu' ' ' ' meu' ' , ours Superior I think about ' ' ns' ' ' ' nosso' ' ; while our Ego lives for its interests, ours Superior I live for the common interest; while our Ego only thinks about surviving, in having, in reaching goals and objectives, strengthen that it still more, ours Superior I want the opposite, I want to dissolve myself in All. The Neutrality is not to become involved itself with what it is not of its account, is not to think on that is not its, not to give palpite on somebody to be that this has asked for an opinion to it, is not to judge, not to criticize, not to impacientar themselves, not to annoy themselves, not to magoar themselves, not to feel themselves rejected, not to feel itself more than abandoned, fondness not to be what the others, and nor less, not to want to acquire corporeal properties more than what it really needs to have a good life, comfortable insurance and, is not to proclaim its qualities and knowledge, its erudio and learnings, is not to want to convince nobody, not to establish debates and quarrels regarding nothing, but also not to keep silent when it is invited to think, not to abstain when it is invited to give its opinion, not to want to sobressair itself and nor to desire to hide itself, not to want to be back in the front, but also not to place themselves there behind.

The Philosophical

Test of this is the carried through Seminaries, Simpsios and Fruns, that argue the philosophy education. Also, this, also was a concern of the OCNs (2006, P. 16), when it emphasizes that: … to think disciplines it Philosophy in average education also demands a quarrel on the courses of graduation in Philosophy, that prepare the professional futures, and of the philosophical research in general, a time that, especially in this it disciplines, not if it of education can dissociar, of the philosophical production of the transmission of the knowledge. Ahead of this, what one expects of the philosophy professor? In accordance with the Lines of direction of the Courses of Graduation in Philosophy, the professor has the following task: to provoke in its educandos the philosophical reflection, presenting the legacy to them of the tradition, taking to think them it of critical and independent form. In the opinion of Spider Martins (2005, P.

10-11): One of the papers that fit to the philosophy professor are assistant in the ticket of the common sense to common-sense, and of this for the philosophical conscience, process that is not automatic. In contrast, obstacles to its accomplishment exist. It is enough to remember the rigidity of the preconceptions, the arraigamento of the certainties, the seduction of the definitive certezas fruits of the indoctrination and that they take in them to the dogmatismo and the fanatism. Or to remember the warm conformismo of the conventions and the habits that many times accomodate in them in the alienation, as imprisoned easy of the ideology. … The function of the professor is to be the mediator between the pupil and the philosophical text, establishing of this form a bridge with the culture, since filosofar it does not become to the edge of the historical context. The severity of this movement depends on the conditions offered for the analysis, by means of a coherent logic and for the exercise of the argument, in order to educate the pupil for the inteligibilidade and, therefore, for intellectual autonomy.


Expensive readers, this is the first time that I write in this espao.espero that as well as I am interested myself very for the opinions of the other authors, takes that somebody also reads my articles therefore wants to learn sufficiently with its critical and tips to be able to always continue in the resulted search of the one best one in our studies. But we go direct to the subject. If Peter the disciple had not denied the Christ for three times, never if would have become apstolo, therefore for what he knows yourself it was one face of difficult and very marrento temperament. He needed GOD to intervene with the feelings of Peter and to allow that he was planted inside of it other feelings as: fear, cowardice and even though faith lack. If it had continued to confront the Romans, as it made in the episode of the ear of Malcon also would have been died at that time. Therefore the order of Jesus' ' It moves away to you from mim' ' , it was not mere a tentiva to silence the mouth of Peter at that moment, more yes a strategy to force to withdraw it of its certainties for some time so that also it was not executed together with the Mestre.Sabido is that after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Peter if it fortified, starting from there a powerful ministry for the enlargement of the kingdom of God..