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Top Online Games

Game of platform is the given name to one gnero of games where the player runs and jumps between platforms and obstacles, fighting against objectos enemies and they coleccionam bnus. One of the most known and spread out examples of this type of game is the Super Mrio. This gnero directamente reaches the infantile public as well as representatives of adult public young also. They are games that require a little more than time of the player, a time that the player alone obtains to continue in the game if to reach some goals, what he finishes for demanding many times a little of trainings and concentration, to arrive themselves at the end of the level and to obtain to pass all the levels to arrive at the end of the game. The series of games of known platforms more are Mrio and Sonic, but it still has other games of platform sufficiently known as Donkey Kong, Prince of Persia, Castlevania and Mega Man.

This type of games nowadays more is known in flash, therefore it requires little capacity of the computer and any person can play. She can accede to these games from many sites of games online and use to advantage of one good time vitiated to the game to finish all the levels with the biggest possible punctuation to arrive at the end of the game. In many sites it is possible to see the punctuation of other players and top will be one of the best ones can until entering in one where the classifications are sufficiently high and alone they reach the best players online. This type of games is many amused being sufficiently easy of if to be vitiated, after passing the first level alone we want to take the game until the o end. It tries all the Games Amused that the Top Online Games has to offer to you, since the popular Games of Cars until the Games of Ben 10, it exists a little of everything, it comes to know.

Factory Repairs

Managing the factory of services with the system SatNetwork the SAT the factories on watch technical frequently are seen it jeopardize in superfluous tasks that complican the work and are delaying the tasks more and more. As the factory grows and the level of repairs is greater becomes impossible to take an order without a quality tool allows that it. With the SAT system of SatNetwork ( it is possible to load spare parts in the stock, to realise movements, to enter replacements of components, to assign the models in which the same are used, to look for parts by different concepts (code, description, model, application, etc.), to sell spare parts, to organize the stock of repair manuals, to valorize stock and to revalue increasing it the values by a coefficient, to load new distributors of spare parts with its respective costs, to control several deposits at the same time, to request spare parts for a service or stock. As far as the service area it will be able: to enter repair orders, to handle to direct services and guarantees of different companies, to realise reimbursements, to accept reclamations, to enter the accessories that are given with the equipment, to agendar appointments for domiciliary visits, to arm the trip tickets of the technicians of addresses, to add notes with information for factory (the same will be presented/displayed the technician whenever it consults a repair), to control the present state of the repairs, to budget, to take sign and to invoice the service, to assign the pending tasks, you order to print them of repair and delivery of the equipment, to look for a repair by different concepts (number of order on watch, client, telephone, movable telephone, direction, series of the equipment, model, number of guarantee, factory code). The control on the clients will be total, being able to agendar them and to look for them according to name, address, locality or telephone, to handle accounts for special clients, to send mail&#039 automatically; s or sms s with the present state of the equipment, to send to the great clients an email with the pending repairs by budget, to notify to the same the aim of the repair, to arm remitos and to invoice repairs by groups, to allow the clients to consult the state of its equipment through Internet. Other characteristics of the system will make the task of the administration of the much more dynamic company. Between these characteristics they stand out: daily box, monthly report of repairs, customized listings, agenda of contacts, personalisation of the legal data of the company, personalisation of type of currency and tributary situations according to the country, 350 different statistical graphs, generation of administrative reports (teams, commissions of the technicians, hours worked by the employees, states of all the repairs in factory), to create accounts of users of the system to limit its access the same, complete management of profiles of users, to enter technical and new factories the staff. The constant development of this application assures to always have the latest in technology, SatNetwork sends periodically last information referring to the updates of the product that are leaving. Also it is possible to accede to the site and to internalise themselves of the last advances in the system and to obtain evaluative versions before deciding the purchase. Source: SatNetwork Computer science Systems Info@


When speech of Psychology, is continued thinking about the more traditional areas of the discipline, that is to say, the clinical area and mental health. Nevertheless, the advances are many that like professionals, we have obtained in spreading our work to other professional areas. My tactical mission, or licensed for almost 10 years, has been the certainty that the technological changes force to us to work with new professionals, like computer science programmers or designers. The technological revolution follows its course, we cannot predict with exactitude towards where. But we know that we must prepare to us. The options that are abren are infinite.

And the best news is than they are to our disposition. The psychologists already we are customary to work in multiprofessional equipment (social doctors, assistants, professors ) and in addition, the work who we developed in our organizations has been growing in uncertainty and ambiguity during the past few years: multipurpose positions, temporary pressure, potentiality, surroundings unpredictable, new forms of authority, structures with little clear hierarchies, importance of the knowledge like key factor in numerous businesses, the necessity to have diverse abilities, the advantage of the existence of abilities distributed within an equipment, etc. In order to manage to acquire these competitions, the psychologists we can be a key piece in the organizations. To live in the uncertainty It is against this background that I describe that the psychologists we have an excellent paper like leaders in the organizations. Particularly social Psychology and the studies have interested me on leadership. In this specific field, many equipment of investigation exists at present, perhaps although it is the Globe project (Global leadership and organizational behavior effectiveness) the realised most ambitious study to date on the subject of the leadership. The Globe project includes 160 investigators of 62 societies distributed by everybody and analyzes the paper of the culture in the effectiveness of the leadership.