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How to glue wallpaper? – Useful tips for repairing the walls. Most people think that pokleit wallpaper on the wall and just that easily can do it yourself. But the result on the wall, there are uneven seams, bubbles, spots after wipe the glue, disconnect the picture, etc. The reason for this is often the most inexperienced workers or high-quality wallpaper, but it happens rarely. If you do decide to glue the wallpaper yourself, and whatever your labor is not in vain – You need to follow some rules.

Preparation of the base – one of the important stages in wallpapering when the renovation of apartments. On how you prepare the base, depends on the quality stickers wallpaper. What is needed do this? You must completely remove the old wallpaper and the remnants of old glue. If the surface of the walls otshpaklevana, it must be primed with acrylic primer, and start wallpapering. If the old wallpaper stuck to the plaster, which is often the case in low buildings, it is necessary to produce a filler walls.

After the training walls should wait until the walls dry out and then they will be 100% ready for Wallcovering. Of great importance to quality, wallpapering novice, is a type of wallpaper. The simplest materials – wallpaper for painting, all the obstacles that may not allow an experienced worker can be corrected by subsequent layers of paint. You must know that if the texture of fine wallpaper, the wallpaper to paint no more than 2 layers and, necessarily, a latex paint. Wallpaper glue for painting in the butt, and do not forget the picture. It should be docked between each sheet. Wallpapers patterns require a careful approach to the cutting reel, drawing on a canvas must match the pattern on another canvas. When you purchase is necessary to consider cutting the roll, the bigger picture, the more scraps.

Choosing Ceiling Paint

Today I will Tell you how to choose a quality paint, as well as share the secrets of a perfect painting. Coating paint today is the most common type of finish and interior external surfaces. However, the choice of paint products do not just because you need to take into account the huge amount of detaley.Na site you can find detailed information on choosing materials for building and construction technology. Wear resistance is mainly dependent on vlagostoychivosti and strength forming a film. On the gloss directly affected species and the number of … Before you start painting the ceiling should be carefully prepare the surface, because of it, for the most chastti will depend upon how well she will paint. The ceiling should be as smooth, clean (do not have on its surface dirt and dust), it is desirable if it is already primed. If you want to achieve from the ceiling, as they say, ‘ideal belezny’, you will have to sweat heavily.

Mazaichnaya paint (granite paint) – it’s acrylic bubbles in the water-based, free of granite dust. Bubbles spray breaking on the wall, forming on the surface of the bitmap (texture of granite). Applied to the prepared primed surface – it could be a finishing putty, wood paneling, concrete, gypsum fiber board, gypsum, particleboard, plywood, metal and glass. You can paint the walls or acrylic or latex, which contain biocides. Such paints can counteract the formation of mold and mildew on the wall. But remember that the paint for your health. What graski can prevent mold and mildew? The fact that mold and fungi that are toxic … The decor House paint is important wins back wheel, as it not only adds aesthetic appearance of a surface, but also protects them from exposure to various external faktorrov thus prodlivaya his life. Each Paint consists of three main components: a carrier, binder and pigment. Thanks to the media paint turns fluid and smooth when applied.

Building a Sauna

Walls and ceiling should be insulated for at least R11 insulation, then cover, inch CDX plywood or 5 / 8 inch drywall with no solution. The ceiling should be at a height of 7'1 "from the floor. The floor must be covered with tiles and has been shown that if the tile is on the wall for at least 4 inches, it is much easier to clean, and chemical cleaners is not related to the tree. Wiring for the heater and lighting should be laid before you install a wooden building. Tongue and groove cedar or redwood is best to install horizontally, and to reduce the contraction of the wood, leaving small gaps in the walls. We recommend use nails with recessed cap on the benches and the floor (scoring below) so as not to burn yourself. Benches are along all the walls and made removable for easy cleaning and easy inspection.

The upper bench frame is first at 36 inches from the floor and the lower bench is at a height of 18 inches from the floor. The door should close the door to self-hook without a doorknob. Door size is 24 by 80 inches for the public and 36 by 80 inches for commercial sauna. Door with wooden handles on the outside opens inward. You can order any style of door manufacture. The heater runs at 12 inches from the floor and mounted on the wall. The thermostat is at a distance of 12 inches from the ceiling. As outside and inside are installed heaters in stainless steel.

The heater should be fenced with a shield to prevent burns. Paul is, at least at a height of 1 foot under the benches and also made removable for easy cleaning. In contrast, in Florida issued an order prohibiting commercial saunas do wood floors. Jewelry size 1X2 inches set in all corners of the sauna and around the door. Lamps and sealed impervious to moisture and can be installed on the ceiling or wall. You may only build your sauna, steam bath and wants today? It offers saunas Moscow restaurant Timiryazevskaya, saunas and sauna in Bibirevo Polezhaevskaya and even bath in black!

French Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling is a special PVC film treated on the edges of the harpoon – a flexible plate used for mounting. If, however, a closer look at the classification, suspended ceilings are 2 kinds: the weld (Suture), as well as seamless. They vary a lot in their appearance: thus, if welded created several paintings, each two meters wide, with just a weld, the seamless stretch ceilings can be used on the square more than five meters. Welded stretch ceiling is made of a dense film, seamlessly – from polyester, but also additionally impregnated with polyurethane. Suture ceilings are made of different shades and colors Seamless – only matte, which subsequently applied to the desired image or color. The texture of stretch ceilings is quite diverse – glossy and matte, suede, velvet and metallic. Partly due to the fact that for such ceiling is possible to apply a pattern or image, this is essentially a unique finishing material is perfect for absolutely any interior space – from private apartments to the hypermarket. Unchanged leader Sales has for a long time considered French tension ceilings, which are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology, which provides heat shrinkable film, which makes the material more flexible and flexible, but at the same time, strong and durable.

In recent years, and our domestic manufacturers began to produce materials that are not inferior in quality. This makes it possible to order the suspended ceiling directly at the manufacturing plant, and even at a very tolerable cost. Installation of suspended ceilings is as follows. Baguettes strengthen throughout the perimeter of the premises, and has been for them, with the help of a harpoon zaklipsyvaniem, mounted film. Hygiene, fire resistance, durability – is only a small part of the main advantages of suspended ceilings. Add to this impressive range of textures and colors, easy maintenance and aesthetics. Your choice will become obvious. Forget about the whitewashing and painting, ceiling tiles falling off and falling structural elements of suspended ceilings, choose the high quality and undeniable beauty suspended ceilings, which, with a special chic will underline the office or home interior design, as well as save you from unnecessary worries.

Compressed Air Without Oil, Air Receiver, Compressor Maintenance

In construction, road works, and also in other papers used compressors. More And they may be used for domestic purposes, in painting, airbrushing, inflated balls, purging, etc. It may be noted compressors: Piston For example, the piston movable, and with a screw device, such as a screw compressor Remez. More compressors can be divided on electric, diesel and gasoline. Buy piston compressor for the most part difficult in the availability, if not to talk about the price. Principles of operation of piston and screw compressors and units themselves, their appearance, perhaps a descriptive look at the sites with videos. One area of application compressor is to supply air under pressure without the inclusion of oil activities associated with bulk materials: sand, cement, lime, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed for poultry, gypsum.

In this case, need a compressed air is of good quality. This may be done using oil-free compressor (oilless) and air filters. In the above cases with free-flowing raw materials may be used compressors with low pressure. Also with compressor (not only oil-free) is an air receiver (born receiver, letters. – recipient).

This is the balloon, which is visible to most. Receiver is needed for the accumulation of air and its transmission further pressure stabilization, diversion condensate, oil residue. The more proivoditelnost compressor, the larger air receiver device, whose price is usually also increases. An example of why you would need pressure equalization can be painted. When flat paint pressure is uniform and better. Recovery from failures and routine maintenance are the maintenance of compressors, in other words the compressor service. In general, under the care refers not only to repair and / or maintenance work, and in addition, simply using the technology of its exploitation. Thus the service can cover all 3 parts. In case if you take service, then you can include and what to great extent to serve you: execution speed, performance promised in the timing and amount, quality, and, without doubt, the quality of communication and politeness of employees in the company, providing services and probably related firms.