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Construction Of Models

Posted by Juan on March 27, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Checking the adequacy of the model, the analysis of uncertainty and sensitivity, consistency, realism, performance model. Model is called an object, which in certain circumstances, may be replaced the original, reproducing interesting properties and characteristics of the original. Models are tangible and abstract. A kind of abstract models are mathematical models. Construction of mathematical model system is a process of formalization of certain aspects of existence, the life of the system, its behavior in terms of a specific task. Distinguish between static and dynamic models. Static model reflect the specific state of the object. Dynamic model describes the process of changing system states. Before you begin creating the mathematical model to understand the essence of the problem, for which created the model. Mistake would be to develop a model system that describes all the parties, all aspects of existence and development of the system.

Such a model would be too cumbersome and probably not suitable for any serious research. Model should always be specific, aimed at solving the problem. We now consider the types of mathematical models. There are two classes of models: analytical and simulation. In analytical models of the behavior of a complex system can be written in the form of certain functional relations, or logical conditions. When the phenomenon in a complex system is so complex and varied that the analytical model becomes too rough approximation to reality, a system analyst is forced to use simulation. In the simulation model the behavior of the components of a complex system described by a set of algorithms who then sell the situations that arise in a real system.

State Standards GOST

Posted by Juan on March 22, 2011 with Comments Closedas

What is a Standard? State standards (GOST) refer to a number of major categories of standards that apply in Russia. Any guest is created companies that specialize in that area, for which accepted standard. Requirements of state standards are binding, as government agencies and commercial enterprises. View a list of already approved rules and regulations may be on the Internet, as Free state standards offer download most relevant sites. In general, national standard developed by the kinds of goods and services that are cross-sectoral importance. This is a very important point, because, before being on the counter, each product goes through several stages of manufacture and each must be guaranteed compliance with established quality standards. For example, consider Certificates organization Gosstroi Russia.

In the area of competence of the agency’s get all the issues that are associated with the construction of facilities and buildings, as well as control over the work performed. The basic rules and regulations construction dictate the state standard p – a document which lists the requirements for safety and quality, taken with respect to all types of work. Another example – a sanitary norms and rules (SanPiN), which set for human safety criteria and the extent of damage from factors of his life. Present and future guests recently in the media quite often appear on the statement that the government standard – a relic of past. As the main reason behind his criticism of standards of righteousness lead the fact that any sane manager who cares about the reputation of their company will do everything to produce high quality products. On the other hand, they argue, if the owner does not care about the organization’s image, there are no sanctions or penalties will not force it to download construction regulations and other standards for even a cursory examination. This is partly true, but why then Guests are still relevant, despite the development of various specifications and other documents in circulation within the boundaries of a single firm. The point is just that SanPiN, gost, or any other standard – a set of common standards and rules set forth in writing and binding on all organizations in the industry. These standards were developed by specialists and experts, and performed well over time. In order to ensure that they utility, rather, for example, download the state standards for the installation of plastic windows, which detailed itemized everything nuances to keep in mind when implementing the construction works. In unity is the main force of the standards. If the label of the goods there is an inscription such as ‘Made in accordance with gost Russia’, the buyer may not have to worry about the quality of purchased products. Another thing – different technical indications (TS), which develops technologies businesses. Even the most qualified person is unable to take into account all peculiarities of the production process.

On the other hand, you can simply download the rd or SanPiN and company will be able to produce goods or provide high quality services that will meet all the established rules and regulations. Unfortunately, these days the mandatory certification was revoked in respect of variety of goods and services. But, nevertheless, something where state standards continue to be binding, and this fact pleases. You and I can only hope that over time leaders States will realize that the freedom of production often can lead to production of substandard and even frankly harmful goods. And after this knowledge can be only one response – recognition and Guest Home the only regulations that must be adhered to by all companies, regardless of ownership.