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Antibagi – Protection Against Hidden Data Acquisition

Posted by Juan on February 23, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Tools to combat spyware technology available to everyone. Such devices are divided into two groups: a means of detecting wiretaps and covert video surveillance and protection from them. Today’s market instruments is truly great: from Pocket indicators to sophisticated measurement systems. You can install the generator noise and screening devices. By the way, most large corporations are laying a comprehensive security system in building design yet at the stage of development of architectural solutions office. Complex systems are constantly monitoring the premises. They may, for example, to pinpoint a person with a “worm” and trace its movement inside the building. Room systems integrated security building in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But for those such amounts are not available suitable low-cost solution.

This pocket-bugs detectors and wireless cameras. Domestic and foreign production. They are compact, relatively inexpensive and most importantly effective. easily tolerated and did not arouse suspicion of others. In addition, we present the detector any hidden Camcorder Berkut. Detector emits infrared light and receives the reflected glare from the hidden cameras. Thus, the instrument should be directed to the intended location of the place of the camera, holding it in turned on, thereby activating the ir emitters. When it detects a hidden camera in the optical lens you will see a bright glow emanating from the installation video. Very useful in Antibagi public restrooms, bathhouses, saunas, in doctors’ offices, dormitories, hotels and office. In Russia, the bugs were, and remain in the shadows. Legal purchase of equipment for wiretapping only available power structures. For other use and production of listening devices is not legitimate. But the market for devices to protect against covert video surveillance and wiretapping is legal in principle. But he and other markets are interrelated.